Missionary outreach

The Church has a two fold focus on support for mission:

Intensive support relates to a small number (three or four) of missionaries that the church undertakes to support both financially and prayerfully on a regular basis. People within the fellowship have agreed to maintain regular contact with the missionaries and ensure that the church was kept up to date.

Extensive support is realised by inviting missionaries on furlough or other representatives to speak at the midweek meeting, to stimulate our wider appreciation of the Lord's work and to assure increased prayerful support.

Un-reached people in Africa

We support a young family who are currently training in Africa so that they can take the gospel to a people who have never heard about Jesus Christ. After they complete their training this will involve 5 major steps:

  • Learn the heart language and culture of the people
  • Teach people to read and write
  • Teach the Bible
  • Translate the Bible
  • Put the work into their hands