Coronavirus Impact

Although new restrictions have been introduced across Wales, churches can continue to open as long as there are strict mitigations in place. We continue to meet for our Sunday service and our Wednesday Bible Study in the church building. As we are required to follow the social distancing rules, our seating capacity has been reduced. You don't have to let us know if you intend to attend any of our meetings, but it would help if you do, so that we can safely accommodate all who wish to come. We will continue to put the four most recent services on line below.

Our younger youth groups and other activities are not able to meet at the building for the time being.

The last four weeks service are found below:

An audio version can also be found on the "Listen to sermons (click here)" page, as can all previous sermons

Helps for young people to listen to the sermon will be available at church but please bring your own pens or pencils

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We are "Your Church in the village" because we are the only church in the village of Little Mill, close to the border of Monmouthshire and Torfaen, near Usk. The church is in the centre of the village next to the large village hall.

We worship in spirit and in truth, but we also have a degree of informality about our meetings.Little Mill Church is not just a building. It’s a collection of people; children, teenagers, singles, couples, families, middle aged and older people. We are all ordinary people who have found that the good news of Jesus Christ makes a real difference to life, and gives it rich meaning. We also want to share that good news with other people too. We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures as we seek to express our unity in the good news about Jesus Christ as Saviour.We are a Bible believing church and centre our teaching and practice around God's word. In a world of change and uncertainty we believe that God has spoken to us through his unchanging and reliable word.

We practice believers baptism, but welcome people of other persuasions because we believe that our oneness in Christ is the most important distinguishing feature for true believers.

Churches and individual Christians should be the salt of the earth and therefore we seek to have an influence for good on the community around us. We hold regular services for worship and Bible teaching, and our community based activities include

  • a community cafe, Cafe Melin, that is open every Wednesday morning

  • three weekly groups for children and young people

  • a monthly lunch for older people - the First Thursday Lunch Club

  • a bi-monthly book club

We have a page on Facebook, which you can access by clicking here

Thanks for visiting our website to learn more about our church. You will find out a bit about us on this site, but the best way of finding out what we are really like is to come along to one of our regular meetings. Alternatively you can contact us by phone or email if you would like to find out more.