Missionary outreach

Intensive support relates to a small number (three or four) of missionaries that the church undertakes to support both financially and prayerfully on a regular basis. People within the fellowship have agreed to maintain regular contact with the missionaries and ensure that the church was kept up to date.
Huw and Alison Williams with UFM In Torino, Italty

The AIC Missionary College in Eldoret, Kenya

One third of Africa’s 3,000 people groups have yet to hear the Gospel.

Here at A.I.C. Missionary College, Eldoret (Kenya), we have a specialized programme to train cross-cultural missionaries. Most of our students have completed Bible training and have already served as pastors in their home areas. Now they are preparing to go to the unreached

Since its opening in 1986, the college has trained many students from many African countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Zambia as well as some from Korea.

The emphasis of our course is practical; preparing missionaries and their families for actually living in cross-cultural situations and actually doing cross-cultural ministry. Some of the college subjects are Cultural Anthropology, Contextualization, the Missionary Family as well as Carpentry, Sewing and Cookery.

The Missionary College course is a family based training programme. A married man who is accepted by the college must bring his family. Each student family (or single) lives in their own housing provided by the college and looks after themselves.

The college course is now two years in length. The first four terms (and the final term) are spent at the college in the classroom. During the second year, from April until the end of August, the students are on ‘Term Out’ in a cross-cultural setting with their families. Staff make regular visits to supervise and mentor. Valuable experience is gained in cross-cultural living and ministry.

Students graduate from the college with either a Diploma or Certificate in Missions, hopefully prepared to face the challenge of serving as cross-cultural missionaries.

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